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Our Core Values


Integrity also means Honesty, truth, honor and principles. We at Vezita believe in being Honest, Open and Ethical in our interaction with our Employees, Client and Business partners collectively known as our stake holders.


Organizing - Skip Level meetings (to address every concern).

Provided guidance and understanding of the salary break-up & deductions.

Challenges and opportunity to address all the Transport related issues.

Clear explanation of Performance Based Variable Pay to all the employees. This explanation boosts the morale to work with a healthy competitive spirit to earn and perform effectively.


Credibility means trust; reliability, character, dependability, reputation, acceptability and authenticity, Through ethical behavior, Reliability and taking responsibility for our actions build trust with our stakeholders and become a partner of choice while delivering great customer service.


Sharing internal reports with the client.

A Project was on the verge of moving to some other vendor. The Top Management decided to give it our best shot and leave no stone unturned, We turned it around with the best quality output leaving the client surprised & they ended up giving us more business.


Empathy also means compassion, responsiveness, closeness, bonding, understanding, rapport, listening, appreciation and connection. Empathy is about standing in someone else shoes i.e. the capacity to understand what another person is experiencing. Empathy is all about being compassionate, responsive and kind to our fellow stakeholders.


Arranged alternatives to address the morning shift conveyance - Management spoke to the APSRTC and scheduled the buses according to the login and logout timings, which helped all employees to plan their travel without any impediments.

Employee Care - A committee to address the grievances with a solution based approach.

Emergency pathway to reach cafeteria was opened during rainy season.

Insurance Card for every employee

All grievances are being continuously addressed


Transparency means Clarity, Openness, communication, Visibility and being straight forward.


Appraisal system is transparent so an employee can know where they stand.

Every individual can access the respective score cards for performance check.

IJP - Internal Job Postings, interviews and the selection attributes are kept transparent/equal opportunity.

Town-hall was conducted and Employees could speak freely with the leadership team of the company.